A privacy-first web analytics tool for everyone.

Finally a web analytics tool that is easy to use, privacy oriented and where you don't have to have a marketing degree to know how to use it.


Simple and useful metrics, easy to understand

Metrical presents only the data that you will need in your reports and to know your audience.
There aren’t 30+ different metrics that will confuse you, just 5 - pages, sources, country, language and type of device.

We don't track your audience

We don’t use cookies or other ways to keep track of your visitors. So you can say Goodbye to that pesky cookie banners.

Also, we don’t collect any personal data (like IP addresses) on our servers.


Share your data with your colleagues, or your friends 👩‍🦰👨👩🏾

You can share your websites' data with as many colleagues as you need.
Don't have any friends? Now you have us. We always want to make new friends.

You just need to paste 4 lines of code

How to start using Metrical in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a new app;
  2. Paste 4 lines of code at the end of your website;
  3. Did we say 3 Steps? We mean 2, sorry. You are already up and running! ✨

Ready for custom events, too

Need to track how many users visited a page or signed up? Metrical does that too. You can setup custom events to track.

Every event is associated with a visit, so you can also filter your events by metrics.

Still not sure?
Try our demo

Yeah, everything seems great, but...

How much will Metrical cost?

Just all the other parts of Metrical, we wanted to keep things simple, so we offer just one plan with two prices: 7$/Month or 50$/Year.

Everything is already included:

  • Unlimited websites
  • 50.000 pageviews every month*
  • Unlimited events
  • Share websites with whomever you want
  • Download all the data as CSV

Join now and try Metrical for 2 weeks totally free!

* If you happen to exceed this limit we will contact you and define a new pricing, together.