About Metrical

There isn't a big company behind Metrical: it's only 2 of us.

We created Metrical just because we wanted a better (and more private) way to track visits without exposing our visitors' and users' privacy or selling their data.

We care about our users (and their visitors), so we will try in any way to keep Metrical the best web analytics tool we ever used.

We use it everyday since April 2019 and we are pretty proud of it.

Who we are

image of Francesco


Francesco is the main developer and designer behind Metrical.
He is known for his great mustache and his love for tea 🍡

image of Virginia


Virginia is the social spirit of Metrical. If you see a great copy on the website or on our social profiles, 150% chances it was made by her.
She is always ready to go out and skate πŸ›Ή

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